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SEP School Board Candidate - Chad Crabb

Southeast Polk School Board Candidate: Chad Crabb

I am the father of two SEP students, Campbell (13) and Jack (11) who attended Clay Elementary and are now at Spring Creek and the Junior High. I am originally from Hampton, Iowa; however, my wife is a Southeast Polk Alum. We moved to Altoona 7 years ago to be closer to family, and to raise our children in a caring, close-knit community. We wanted to give them the opportunity of an education through Southeast Polk Schools.

I have worked as a technology consultant for the past 19 years. In 2007, I co-founded Sincera Solutions. Our focus is on empowering Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services teams with integrated software solutions. I have consulted on projects for a variety of industries from financial services, to education and real estate. I am a graduate of Iowa State University, the Waukee Leadership Institute, and the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute’s Community Leadership Program. I am a current board member at the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus, curriculum committee member for the Community Leadership Program, and volunteer and technology advisor for Swerve Outreach and Altoona Kid’s Café.

I am passionate about quality education and preparing our children for the jobs of the future. As a small business owner and technology consultant, I bring to the board a deep analytical skillset and the ability to collaborate and communicate to solve problems. I want to build on the successes we have already had as a district and help to make decisions that give our children the best possible opportunities. Growth and change are in our future, and I would like a seat at the table to represent you.

Question #1: 1). Why are you running for this seat?

I am running because I want our children to have the best chance at a life of prosperity and purpose, and I believe that a quality education is the foundation. I want them to be truly prepared for their next steps in life when they graduate. I am the father of two SEP students, Campbell (13) and Jack (11). My niece and nephew are also both students in the district. It’s been fun watching them learn and grow through their experiences at Clay Elementary, Spring Creek, and the Junior High. School board members make a large number of decisions that directly impact the education of our children, and I feel like this is my opportunity to step up and volunteer my time and talent to help grow and improve our district.

Question #2). What will you be contributing to this role that will provide a positive impact?

I bring to the board a passion for quality education and preparing our children for the jobs of the future. As a business owner and technology consultant, I have developed a deep analytical skillset and strong communication skills. In my professional life, one of my main roles is leading complex technology projects. This involves listening to customer needs, collaborating with project stakeholders to solve problems, managing budgets, and seeing projects through to completion. I am a good listener and respectful of others and their point of view. This allows me to weigh all sides of an issue in the broader context and come up with the best solution. I believe these skills would serve me well as a school board member.

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