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Audit Your Online Representation

Posted on February 4, 2013 at 3:45 PM by Global Reach

It's not tax season yet, but it may be time to review your overall online representation.

To explain what your "overall online representation" even means, let's make it simple.  Let's use your organization as our example.

If your organization has a website, Facebook page, and an email distribution list, this would be could be considered your overall online representation.  Other organizations may be more advanced, managing multiple websites, mobile apps, blogs, search engine visibility, social media outlets, and more...while others fight to stay relevant with as much online visibility as time and money allow.

Whatever your level of involvement online may be, ensuring that everything works together is vital.  By ensuring each of your online resources work together, your organization will generate exponentially more meaningful results.

Like most technology, achieving success is easier said than done, so we'll help you get started!  Here are some quick ideas to enhance and align your overall online representation...

  • Keep Your Website Updated - If you're able to easily keep the content around your website updated, you'll be able to use this as your dynamic foundation.  As you showcase things you want users to recognize (news, events, sales, etc.), you'll have the stability of always having your website remaining the primary source of accurate information.
  • Showcase Social Media Activity - Have a Facebook page, active Twitter account, company page on LinkedIn, videos on YouTube, or perhaps even a collection of photos on Pinterest?  If so, you might consider showcasing your ongoing social media activity right on your website.  This will help the content around your site stay fresh, but also give users a chance to engage with your social media outlets.  This is often very easy to implement and gives visitors a better chance to connect with you, versus small icons that links out to the social media landscape.
  • Intelligently Expand Your Network - Larger organizations sometimes struggle to maintain a consistent brand vision, which can also cause their online representation to become fragmented.  If you're a smaller organization who only has a few online outlets, you can use this as an advantage by intelligently expanding your network.  As you add that Twitter account, company blog, or anything else, identify ways to aligning these new resources from the beginning.

We could sit and talk about ways to align your organization's online representation all day, but those quick ideas should get you started.  It's also very important to consider how your online representation wraps into other marketing channels you may  have, but that discussion will also have to wait until next time.  Until then, if you'd like a professional to review your organization's overall online representation, you know who to call.  I'll give you a hint, it's not GhostBusters!

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