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Prairie Meadows - Local Entertainment - Local Spirit

Posted on May 25, 2021 at 3:00 PM by Melissa Horton

When I first drove up to Prairie Meadows on a Thursday afternoon, I noticed two things...the parking lot was clean and safe while many of the parking stalls were full. As I walked in the casino doors I noticed that the inside was as clean and comfortable as the outside. I was greeted by an employee named John who walked me to the HR office where I had another pleasant interaction with the receptionist.

In the times I have visited Prairie Meadows either for conferences, dinners, or meetings I have been treated with respect and with a smile. I believe that Gary Palmer’s example of treating his team like valued individuals has infected the entire organization and reflected onto their customers.

Prairie Meadows currently has over 50 different openings. Most openings are for the Casino, dealers, and housekeeping on both the casino and the hotel side.

Benefits of working at Prairie Meadows

  • Prairie Meadows was closed during the 2020 COVID shut down. For the first six weeks after the shutdown, they continued to pay their workers both regular wages and average tips earned. They also paid employee benefits for those on layoff status for over 4 months, donated their food supplies to local pantries, and were one of the first organizations to open back up in Altoona.
  • Most employees take 20 minutes or less to get to work
  • The organization works well with the unions
  • Pay starts at $16.50 an hour for all positions except for tipped positions
  • Dealers attend dealer school where they learn the tips of the trade
  • Dealer pay increases as their knowledge of games increases
  • Tipped positions keep tips
  • Armed Security
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